De overige inhoud komt binnenkort weer beschikbaar.


--“I had the joy to work together with Herbert in personal development trainings over 8 years ('Stem&Beeld'). He is a sensitive and modest person with finetuned ears and heart, able to listen to the essence of music. He brings in excitement for the joy of singing, expressing everybody's unique voice. At the same time he invites you to listen to the silence in music and the reflection within the body. His unique personal approach and enthousiasm inspired already many men and women, in private and business settings.” January 1, 2008

Edith Wisman, Owner of Drijf-Veer, Coaching&Training, spec. ZKM, Voice Dialogue and Art

--“Herbert is a creative, inspiring personality, who creates a relaxed atmosphere where people can come together; effortless find each other in music, and connect to each other. Great way to produce harmony.” December 17, 2007

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Harrie Brils CISSP
hired Herbert as a Musical Inspirator from 1996, and hired Herbert more than once

--“Herbert is a sensitive teacher with a vast experience, both in music and in teaching. As a result, Herbert' s interventions are well chosen and very effective. As Herbert is a musician himself, the lessons learned are based upon his own hard won experience. This makes Herbert's recommendations all the more credible. As a techer, Herbert is familiar with an individual and a business context, enabling him to translate the needs of the indiviudal or goup into his teaching approach” December 17, 2007

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Derkjan van der Leest, Strategic Management Centre
hired Herbert as a other in 2005

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